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宿舍進住日期與程序 Date and procedure of moving into the dorm

  • 2020-02-12
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In order to protect everyone, we change the date and the procedure of moving into the dorm.

The date is 1st March, from 09:00 to 21:00.

Any one who wants to enter the campus must measure forehead temperature. If your forehead temperature is higher than 38 celsius degree, you will be refused for entering the campus.

Furthermore, without a statememt of travel history to China, HK, and/or Macau, you will be refused for entering the campus too. This rule also applies on your companions. However, your companions may sign the statement on site.

Regarding the details of the procedure, you may check the attached flow charts.


supplementary note:

To international students,
If you arrive in Taiwan earlier (due to flight schedule) and require an emergency accomodation, please contact your department assistant and report your arrival time. We will arrange your accomodation.

However, your forehead temperature must be under 38 celsius degree and you must fill out the online survey of travel history to China, HK, and/or Macau before your arrival to the campus. Otherwise, we will still refuse your checkin. This is for public health reason.