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109學年度宿舍分配 allocation of dormitory bed of the 2020 academic year

  • 2020-05-14
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1. 大一新生保證分配床位。

2. 大二學生原則性保證分配床位(例外情形,如下說明)

3. 大三及大四學生登記住宿者,如未有下述例外情形,以抽籤方式決定是否取得床位(抽籤訂於5/22上午10:00,由李國基教官主持在CL502舉行,開放現場參觀及FB網路直播,並錄影存證)。


1. 受記小過(含)以上處分;

2. 108學年度第二學期宿舍費未於5/18下午14:00以前繳納完畢者;

3. 108學年度第二學期未按規定量測體溫次數達11次(含)以上者。


How do we do the allocation of dormitory bed?

1. 2020 freshmen are guaranteed

2. Basically, the sophomore students are also guaranteed to have beds(some will be refused by the following reasons).

3. The junior and senior students are not guaranteed. Depends on the results of draw straws which is scheduled at 10:00, 22nd May 2020. (venue: CL502,your participations are welcome. We will also have a live broadcast on FB).

You will be refused by the dormitory if you have any one of the following problems.

1. You have minor demerits or major demerits;

2. You do not pay the dormitory fee of the second semester of this academic year (2019-2020 )before 14:00, 18th May;

3. You miss the temperature check more than 11 times in the second semester of this academic year (2019-2020).

Notice: if you are junior or senior students and win a bed, you have to pay the full dormitory fee before 12:00, 1st June. Otherwise, the right of having a bed will be cancelled. We will release it to others.