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體溫量測(地點更新) temperature checking regulations

  • 2020-03-19
  • Admin Admin

To avoid temperature check being affected by environment, the health check station will be at CL517 (please see the picture attached) since 23th March. Other health check stations will be cancelled.
Many thanks for your cooperation. We do it good in the past two weeks. However, some students are still not coming to check temperature for various reasons. I will not tolerate it. Therefore, the college will email you an official notice to your university email account. It is legally recognized as an official notice regardless you read it or not. As a result, I DON’T KNOW cannot be an excuse any more. Started from 23th March, as long as you escape from temperature checking for two consecutive days, you will be expelled from the dorm (your parking permit will be cancelled too).
This announcement will be publicized on the official website and the FB group page of TKUL. Your department assistants will also post on LINE groups. The most important thing is that we have emailed this announcement to your university email account.