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展延註冊繳費期限 deadline of tuition fee payment

  • 2020-02-12
  • Admin Admin


本校舊生自108學年度起不再寄發紙本註冊繳費單,逕至中國信託網頁 https://school.ctbcbank.com 透過四大超商(繳費截止日至109年2月19日止),其餘信用卡、ATM轉帳繳款或自行列印繳費單至郵局、中國信託臨櫃繳款,繳費截止日為109年2月28日止。

The deadline of paying tuition fee is postponed to 28th February 2020 due to the outbreak of 2019-nCoV.

Allow me to remind you that the University will NOT send you a hard copy of tuition fee payment slip.

Please visit the webpage of Chinatrust http://school.ctbcbank.com to down your payment slip.

You can pay tuition fee at a convienemt store before 19th February. After that day, you can only pay by credit card or cash card at ATM or pay at post office or Chinatrust in person.


詳細內容請參考學生註冊繳費注意事項:Further information see the following webpage.