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學校行事曆變更 University Calendar Changed

  • 2020-02-24
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We will discuss the possibility of holding TKUL Commencement by ourselves when you come back to campus.

Please visit TKUL official website to get more information



1. 學期開始日:3/2

2. 課程加退選:3/9-3/15

3. 轉系申請:3/19-3/25

4. 春假取消:3/30-4/1正常上課

5. 期中考試周:4/27-5/3

6. 雙主修及輔系申請:5/20-6/2

7. 應屆畢業生休學/休學退費申請截止:5/25

8. 期中退選:5/25-5/27

9. 畢業考試:6/1-6/7

10. 非應屆畢業生申請休學截止:6/11

11. 畢業典禮:6/13(今年受疫情影響,蘭陽校園畢業典禮取消,改回到淡水校園參加全校畢業典禮)

12. 期末考試:6/18-6/24

Due to the influence of COVID-19, the university calendar has been changed.

1. Beginning of Lecture:3/2

2. Add and Drop Courses:3/9-3/15

3. Application for Department Transferring:3/19-3/25

4. Spring Break is cancelled:3/30-4/1 Lectures as usual

5. Midterm Week:4/27-5/3

6. Application for double majors and minor:5/20-6/2

7. Graduates apply for leaving school and all students apply for leaving school with 1/3 refund:5/25

8. Dropping courses in midterm:5/25-5/27

9. Graduation Exam:6/1-6/7

10. Freshmen, Sophomores, and Junior students apply for leaving school:6/11

11. Commencement:6/13(We do not have our own TKUL commencement this year. All graduates will go back to Tamsui to attend the university commencement.)

12. Final Exam:6/18-6/24