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中港澳旅遊史調查 Survey of your Travel History to China, HK, and/or Macau

  • 2020-02-11
  • Admin Admin


Requested by Ministry of Education (MOE), all students must report their travel history to China, HK, and/or Macau. From 17th January 2020 to now, if you have ever visit (transfer flights included) any places in China, HK, and/or Macau, you may be required to have a self-isolate at your residence. Now please visit the following webpage to fulfill the questionnaire.
If you do not fill out the questionnaire before you move into the dorm, you will be refused for moving into the dorm. Help us and also help yourself. You also need to fill out the questionnaire even if you do not have a room in the dorm.
Please only provide the true required information. If any false information filled out, you are responsible for any consequences caused by your dishonest.

問卷表單網址 the webpage of the survey