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Lanyang Embraces the Whole World with Love

  • 2016-03-01
  • Digital Ruling

The Political Economics Association, Wen-fan Dormitory Alliance, Rock n Roll Research Club, Hua-li International Group, Tamkang Lanyang Book Club, and the Tamkang Lanyang Volleyball Team jointly held the, “I Love Lanyang, Embrace the Whole World,” event on Feb. 17. Achievements were displayed consisting of Character Development, Professional Skills and Services and the Junior Year Study Abroad Program.

The Director of Lanyang Campus, Jyh-horng Lin, invited Dean of Global Development, Ay-hwa Andy Liou, along with the directors of Information Innovation, Tourism Management and Foreign Language to attend the event. During the event, awards were handed out for Personal Dormitory Sanitation, Teamwork and Library Information. A fourth year student shared their personal experience regarding their time of study abroad during their junior year. Afterwards Miao-keng Lin (second on the left) of the Artist-In-Residence, led the team in completing wonderful pictures, which was followed by great performances met by grand applause.

The event held a raffled that handed out prints, air conditioning cards, TKU t-shirts and belts. Second year student of the Department of Political Economics, Jun-jun Yang, expressed, “This event really brings everyone together.” (written by Jia-ling Liu)