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Early Study Treats for Midterms

  • 2014-12-03
  • Digital Ruling

【Reported by Xue-fen Ma, Tamkang Times】The Department of Global Politics and Economics is holding the “Early Bird Study Time, “ for midterms from 10am to 6pm. For the eight hour time slot, students will be able to have coffee, hot cocoa, milk tea and snacks. There will also be postcards being sold during the assembly. Second-year student of the Department of Political Economics, Pei-ru Deng, stated, “Just like everybody else I’m up half the night preparing for exams. This study meeting allows me to catch my breath and refresh my energy a bit. It’s excellent!”

The event was held by four leaders of the Political Economics department and they are not requiring any payment, but a voluntary donation of goodwill. The cups provided are environmentally friendly and the rich coffee and cocoa goes great with the provided snacks. Pei-ru Deng stated, “This event is sponsoring charity for the hungry so everyone is welcome to come by whether it’s to study or for a quick bite to eat.”