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Competitions, Performances and a Fair as TKU Celebrates its Birthday

  • 2011-11-28
  • Digital Ruling

On November 5, the TKU Lanyang Campus held two major sport competitions: the Student-Faculty Cup Volleyball Tournament and the Anniversary Cup Basketball Tournament. First place in the volleyball contest went to the “Associate Faculty” team, while second place went to the Department of Multicultural and Linguistic Studies “4th Year” Team. Li Yu-tong, from the “4th Year” team, commented: “the fact that we came second can be attributed to the unity and cohesion we displayed as a team”. In the basketball competition, first place was clinched by the team “Sweet Men”. The captain of the winning team, Chao Yu-hao, exclaimed: “winning the basketball championship in my final year is an amazing feeling!”


The day’s activities included several performances by TKU clubs and societies. The Lanyang Street Dance Club performed athletic spins and twirls on the floor and sent the crowd into a clapping frenzy; while the Lanyang Splendid Ballroom Dance Club presented a sexy dance routine that continued to engage the crowd.


Another popular fixture for the day were the various stalls that provided food, drinks and games. The stalls offered local Lanyang delicacies and a coin-throwing game that drew students and teachers in the hope of winning a prize. Fourth year student, He Hsin-ru, lamented “this will be my last time celebrating TKU’s anniversary. Happy Birthday Tamkang!”