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A Sense of Warmth during the Winter Solstice

  • 2012-01-03
  • Digital Ruling

On December 22, TKU held two unique activities at both the Lanyang and Tamsui campuses.


At Lanyang, the Provost of Lanyang Campus, Dr. Jyh-horng Lin, and the Dean of the College of Global Entrepreneurial Development, Dr. Liou Ay-hwa, led Lanyang students in celebrating the Winter Solstice Festival. Together, the pair boiled and served ‘Tangyuan’ (glutinous rice balls), the traditional delicacy eaten during the Winter Solstice. Dr. Lin explained “today is Winter Solstice Festival. According to tradition, after eating Tangyuan we grow older by one year. We hope that by serving Tangyuan, we can give students a sense of warmth and closeness, even in the middle of winter”.


Meanwhile, at the Tamsui Campus, the Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs held a “re-opening ceremony” after re-locating to the newly-refurbished 10th floor of the Ching Sheng Memorial Building. The re-opening drew senior faculty from various departments, as well as the President of TKU, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang, the Vice President for Administrative Affairs, Dr. Po-yuan Kao, and the Vice President for International Affairs, Dr. Wan-chin Tai. Guests were treated to lunch, coffee, and Tangyuan, and took a tour of the office’s modern facilities and its beautiful views of Danshui.


The Dean of International Affairs, Dr. Pei-Wha Chi Lee, commented that “the color scheme of the refurbished 10th floor gives it a sense of warmth and the open, spacious design makes it a comfortable place to work and visit”.