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June 1 - The 11th Graduation Ceremony at the Lanyang Campus - Enterprises' Favorite 22 Years, Shining Tamkang Fifth Wave

  • 2019-06-01
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The most exhilarating 11th Graduation Ceremony at the Lanyang Campus took place today (June 1) at 10:00 at the Shao-mo Memorial Activity Center. There were 208 new graduates this year. At 9:30, when the Scottish bagpipes were played, the president took a campus tour with the new graduates. Starting from the staircase in front of the Clement Chang International Conference Hall, the president and the new graduates climbed up the stairs (132 steps in total). On both sides of the staircase, students gathered together with flowers or presents in hand, sending the warmest welcome and best wishes to the new graduates. At the end of the staircase, the new graduates one-by-one passed a "Sword Arch" built by members from the Fencing Club. The Sword Arch led the new graduates to the venue for graduation ceremony where the president, the vice president for academics, the vice president for administration, the vice president at the Lanyang Campus, the head of the secretariat, and alumni had awaited to welcome the new graduates. Subsequently, all faculty members and students took a group photo on the staircase near Shao-mo Memorial Activity Center. Afterward, the new graduates entered the venue for the graduation ceremony. Teachers and honorable guests were ushered in by Lanxin ambassadors who held school flags. All the participants sang the school anthem together, and then the emcee Ms. Shih Yi-chin announced that the graduation ceremony now began. The mayor of Yilan, Mr. Chiang Tsung-yuan, also showed up to send best wishes to the new graduates.
        The theme for the graduation ceremony this year was "Enterprises' Favorite 22 Years, Shining Tamkang Fifth Wave." The excerpt of the president's opening address is quoted as follows: Tamkang University has ranked higher than many public universities in Taiwan in the Webometrics Rankings of World Universities, Times Higher Education World University Rankings, and U.S. News & World Report Best Global Universities. In this day and age when everything changes so fast, it is important for students to be an independent and lifelong learner. Tamkang University has created a nurturing environment with a focus on three dimensions (professional development, general education, and extracurricular activities) as well as five virtues (moral, intelligence, physicality, sociality, and aesthetics). We believe that our students have acquired the necessary qualities to make the world a better place. The 3-alls, including all English-taught programs, all residential college, and all junior study-abroad, is the most outstanding characteristic, which has made the Lanyang Campus a model for other schools. The Lanyang Campus has created a friendly, quality, and international learning environment where students not only acquire their professional and English skills but also build up a global mindset with global mobility. Parents, please rest assured TKU has provided your children with various learning opportunities. According to a survey done by Cheers, a business magazine, TKU students have been rated as the most desirable employees for companies for 22 years. Our outstanding alumni amount to 260,000, creating many great job opportunities for new graduates. Finally, I would love to conclude my speech with a quote from Albert Einstein, "Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them." I wish every new graduate good health and every success.
        One alumnus from ELC (語言系巫佳郡) who currently works as the secretary for the special ambassador at Embassy of the Republic of the Marshall Islands summarized his working experience in the past few years and shared two pieces of advice to the new graduates. The first advice is to be proactive and adventurous. Whether a job is suitable for oneself or not, one should seek to find his/her own niche and find a lifelong goal. One has to remember making mistakes is not a shame and seizing every opportunity for performance. The second advice is to stay humble and grateful. Humility makes one know how to appreciate the beauty in life. Thanks to the Lanyang Campus and the faculty for its uniqueness and their devotion, students at the Lanyang Campus not only prosper but also acquire a global perspective. I wish every new graduate take a leap of faith and have a bright future!
        The graduation ceremony at the Lanyang Campus each year was similar to the Oscars, both nerve-wracking and exhilarating. Four awards, including the Academic Award, Junior Study Abroad Award, Leadership Award, and Outstanding Performance Award. The Academic Award is given to the student who earned the most credit and had excellent academic performance. There were four candidates for this award, and award winner was a student from GPE (政經系駱品潔); Junior Study Abroad Award is given to the student who scored well on IELTS/TOEFL test and had excellent academic performance when studying abroad. Five candidates were considered for this award and finally, the prize went to another student from GPE (政經系趙于萱). For the Leadership Award, candidates were those who showed great leadership skills in leading student societies on campus. The winner was a student from GPE (政經系吳家啟). For the Outstanding Performance Award, each department recommended as many as two students for the award candidates. In the end, four candidates were considered for the award and the winner was a student from GPE (政經系楊薏如). Since the Lanyang Campus is an all-in-English campus, the graduation ceremony was also administered in English. The award-winners also gave the acceptance speech in English for 30 seconds. In the ensuing certificate giving ceremony, the dean of each department helped students turn the tassel, followed by the president handing over the graduation diploma to the new graduates one by one. In the College of Global Development, there are four departments and six classes in total. New graduates earned a bachelor degree in management, engineering, as well as sociology. Subsequently, a student from ELC (語言系賴盈尹) represented all new graduates and delivered a thank-you speech. All of the new graduates were grateful for the nurturing learning environment at the Lanyang Campus and indebted to the devoted and knowledgeable teachers, as well as loving classmates and supportive family members. the representative concluded the speech by wishing every new graduate good health and every success.
        At the very end of the graduation ceremony, all new graduates sang the theme song of the Lanyang Campus "Proud of You" and watched the memorable footage which detailed every unforgettable memory on campus. The graduation ceremony came to an end as everyone was immersed in the reminiscence of wonderful memories. New graduates took photos with teachers and classmates. They were ready to start a new chapter in their life with the best wishes given by their loving teachers and future graduates.