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December 19th - The Christmas Party at the Lanyang Campus

  • 2018-12-20
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Christmas is the day when everyone gets together and have fun! On December 19th at the Lanyang Campus, a Christmas party was held on the first floor of the student cafeteria where students had an opportunity to show both their talent and the result of their hard work.
Outside the student cafeteria, students were able to improvise two pieces of drawings with the themes of "My Happiness" and "My Best Friend." After they finished the drawings, they could take a photo with their masterpieces. 
In the previous years, Christmas decorations could be seen all around the Lanyang Campus, but this year was different: No big Christmas trees, no fancy decorations, nor dazzling light bulbs. The only event was the Christmas party. Students from Yi-lan and Fo Guang University were also invited to have a blast together. All of the students danced together while the teachers cosplayed as various characters to celebrate the holiday.
This year, the party was adorned with many delicate decorations, such as tiny snowmen, a fireplace, reindeer, and sleighs. The teachers from the Department of Innovative Information and Technology, the Department of International Tourism Management, as well as the Department of English Language and Culture also participated in the party to watch the performances. The performances were contributed by the students from the Rock n' Roll Club, Street Dance Club, as well as the Ballroom Dance Club. While the teachers were having pleasant conversations, reminiscing about the past Christmas parties, the students were hunting for and exchanging gifts vehemently together. Everyone had great fun over the joyful Christmas party.