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The 69th TKU Administrative Affairs Meeting

  • 2013-06-10
  • Digital Ruling

On June 7, TKU held the 69th Administrative Affairs Meeting at the Chueh Sheng International Conference Hall, Tamsui Campus. The Meeting was broadcast live via webcam to participants at the Lanyang Campus.

During the Meeting, the winning departments in the first “Department Development Award” were announced. They included the Department of Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Engineering, Business Management, and Information Management. Each department received a cash reward of NT $150,000. Meanwhile, the chair of the Department of Architecture, Dr. Huang Jui-Mao, was recognized and commended for his efforts in supervising a group of students who took part in the “Art as Environment – A Cultural Movement at Plum Tree Creek” activity. For their role in the activity, the participating students received the 11th Taishin Arts Award; and for his role in supervising the students, Dr. Huang was rewarded by TKU with an NT $50,000 cash bonus. Also during the meeting, TKU President Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang shared her experiences traveling to four Korean partner universities the previous month. She also revealed that this year’s Conference on Instructional and Administrative Reform will explore the theme of university rankings.

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