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TKU Lanyang Commencement

  • 2013-06-15
  • Digital Ruling

On Sat 8th June, Commencement was held at the TKU Lanyang Campus. This year, 183 students from 4 departments graduated in a lively ceremony that was conducted entirely in English.

Before the start of the ceremony, the Provost of Lanyang Campus, Dr. Lin Jyh-horng, along with the College Dean and department chairs led students through the campus on the ritual campus “lap of honor”. Together, they took in the sights and scenes that they have called home for the past four years. The graduating students received floral bouquets and boisterous cheers from students in lower grades who packed into the auditorium to take part in the 5th Lanyang Commencement Ceremony.

The theme of this year’s Commencement was “Moral and Integrity: the Pride of Tamkang University”. It was attended by the President of TKU, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang, the Republic of Marshall Islands’ Ambassador to Taiwan, Philip Kabua, and Marshall Islands parliamentary representative, Jeban Riklon.

During her opening speech, TKU President Flora Chang congratulated the graduating students on achieving this valuable milestone. She encouraged them to go out into the community, both locally and internationally, and apply their skills and know-how to contribute and make a difference.

To follow was an award presentation ceremony that was every bit as suspenseful and exciting as the Oscars. There was an Academic ward, an International Award, a Leaders Award, and an Overall Exceptional Student Award.

The ceremony then took on a more touching note. Graduation certificates were handed out as a video was played showing the graduating students when they had just entered the Lanyang Campus four years earlier. Watching the videos, students and their families got to see just how much the students had grown over the last several years.

The ceremony drew to an energy-filled close with balloons, glow-sticks, and a breathtaking view of Yilan County.

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