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Notice of Dorm Closure During Winter Vacation

  • 2016-01-08
  • Digital Ruling

Starting at 12:00, Jan 17, 2016, the dormitory will be closed for the winter vacation.
Sudent identity cards will be deactivated..
All personnel will be denied access to the dorm except for dorm staff workers.
Duringt the vacation, according to dormitory management regulations, luggage room (1 person limited to 2 boxes, without mattresses, quilts, pillows), do not put valuables, dormitory without custodial responsibility, any loss themselves.
Before leaving the dorm, please empty your bedroom and hand in the “Dorm Leaving Form” to your prefect.
Garbage left in the bedroom will be photographed, and you will be fined NT$50.  It’s also a violation of dorm regulations and the matter will be handled as regulated. 
Please carefully put away your personal belongings.  Any unattended items will be considered disposable. 
The following items should be returned:closet key/ security card/ power card/ AC card/ AC remote/ bedroom phone/ Internet equipment (modem, hub)

See attachment for details...