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Love and Exercise on Lanyang Campus

  • 2014-12-31
  • Digital Ruling

【Reported by Xue-fen Ma, Tamkang Times】In 10 degree weather with strong winds, the 7th Lanyang Physical Fitness event took place on December 17th. Director of Lanyang Campus, Jyh-horng Lin and Dean of the College of Global Development, Ay-hwa Andy Liou, attended the event with students and teachers from every department. Jyh-horng Lin, stated, “It’s my wish that all of the teachers and students can exercise together to develop better relationships.” The teachers and students began their run from the campus arch, passing up and down the numerous hills as they tested their strength and formed new bonds. First place for the men’s division was Coach Kuo-chi Li and first place for the women’s division was Associate Professor of the Department of Creative Resources, Hsuan-ling Kuo. First place of the student men’s division was Zhao-hong Du and first place of the student women’s division was Jia-jing Lu.