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Lanyang Campus Booklet from Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang

  • 2014-06-11
  • Digital Ruling

The Theme for the 2014 Graduation is the Three Circles and Five Disciplines Establish Prestige to Future Careers.

Lanyang students benefit from a holistic educational program through the Three Circles consisting of professional, general education and extracurricular curricula combined with the Five Disciplines of conduct, intelligence, physical education, teamwork and beauty. The accumulation of these elements cultivate diversified critical thinking skills, providing a well roundedness of power in multiple fields.    

By providing a complete English learning environment, opportunity to foster global competitive ability, junior-year cultural exchange experience, promotion of international depth and insight, and multicultural knowledge, we expect students will have a promising future that will bring honor and prestige to their career on a global level! The completion of the Shao-mo Memorial Activity Center marks the 10-year anniversary of Lanyang Campus and represents a new milestone of development.

On behalf of all the administrators, professors and students, I offer my most sincere congratulations and best wishes to everyone for extraordinary worldwide triumph.

Flora Chia-I Chang, president of Tamkang University