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Dear Faculty Members and Students at Lanyang Campus

  • 2012-12-11
  • Digital Ruling

Dear Faculty Members and Students at Lanyang Campus:


Like everyone else, I feel extremely grief-stricken about the incident of Jeremy, a sophomore student at the Department of English Language and Culture.


My sorrow is beyond expression given that recently we have lost two young friends.  The widely-discussed Maya Code has been reported in the media. I don’t know what’s your opinion concerning this matter. Does it foreshadow doomsday or an awakening of human beings?  Jeremy cannot answer this question. The last book he reads is Studying Hinduism. I have no idea whether he is trying to find a way out via the power of religion, but many celebrated philosophers in history have attempted to find out the meaning of life. I implore that when you are pondering on the issues of life values, do not split your hairs and leave yourselves in confusion. There is nothing that cannot be solved. Talk to your friends and teachers! Be courageous and seek help from others! You could share everything with your family and dear friends.


Do not be afraid! It’s fine to talk, discuss homework, or even gossip with your friends. Don’t be upset when you are not getting a good grade. Learn to think positively and make your life colorful! We should always be thankful for what we have—health, education, friendship, and love of parents.


Lanyang Campus is a boarding school in which we are a big family. I am indebted to everyone who has contributed to this matter. I wish all of our students could stay happy and healthy.



Best wishes,


Jyh-Horng Lin