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An Ideal Sythesis of Academia and Business

  • 2013-05-06
  • Digital Ruling

The Department of International Tourism Management, Lanyang Campus, recently got together with local business to promote the beauty of the local Linmei environment. Linmei is a village situated in Chiao-Hsi City, Yilan. As part of the initiative, students from the Department filmed a 5-minute documentary on a breathtaking hiking trail that runs through Linmei. The film is now being used as a tourism promotional video by major businesses in the local Yilan region.

The Chair of the Department, Dr. Chien Mu Yeh, noted that the Department not only holds international-level events and iniatives, it also helps to promote the local environment, while allowing students to gain extra, real-life experience, and go beyond the limits of textbook-based teaching.

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