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 only authorized people can enter the campus
 get your student ID ASAP

  • 2020-03-24
  • Admin Admin

Starting from 8 a.m. 29 March, only authorized people can enter the campus. If you do not have one, you had better to apply one.
If your family members or friends drive you back, please apply a permit in advance. Only those who with entering permit are allowed to enter the campus. Moreover, the driver and other passengers without student IDs still need to place your ID at the gate security station. The persons who come to here must be exactly same to the names on the application form.
The file of entering permit is attached. You may download it by yourself. Fill in the application form and submit it to the College Office in office hours.
Before 10th April, if you do not have your student ID, you may ask your department chair to provide a letter with his/her signature. If you can present this letter to us, you are a TKULer.