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Library News Lanyang Campus Library will be closed on Mar.21 a.m.10:00~12:00
Dorm Activities 3/27- Introduction to Chess
Spotlight “Embrace the World-weary Generation”—A Speech by Gundelin Rinpoche
Sports PE Manual Selection
Dorm Activities 1/3-1/5 Lanyang Gang Hip Hop squad
Library News 2018/1/2-【You Choose and I Buy】The book fair of Lanyang Campus
Dorm Activities 12/26-The diet culture of aborigines:Leaf of Piper betel
Dorm Activities 12/20- White Christmas
Teaching Affairs Withdrawal from a Class after the Midterm Exam Fall 2017
Dorm Activities 12/12~14 - The basketball competition
Spotlight 11/28-Offspring in Yilan to Go Back to Their Parental Home
Dorm Activities 11/29 - Advanced Go Game (Weiqi)
Spotlight 11/8 - The Inaugural Ceremony of Bistro Penseur on Lanyang Campus
Dorm Activities 11/8 - Climbing for your life
Dorm Activities Basic Go Game (Weiqi)
Dorm Activities 10/27- Let`s healthy everyday!
College of Global Development 10/24 - 2017 High Table Dinner
Sports PE Manual Selection