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About Junior Abroad

During the academic years between 2005 and 2014, there have been 1,341 students on Lanyang Campus completing the junior abroad program. Students on Lanyang Campus undergo this program with 20 sister universities or colleges with Tamkang University globally, which solidify the internationalization ideal of Tamkang University. The junior abroad program is a key feature of Lanyang Campus and is also an attraction to prospective students. To further strengthen internationalization, two new programs has joined in the junior abroad as alternatives: The Joint Degree Program between Winona State University (U.S.A.) and the Dept. of Innovative Information and Technology and the Cooperation between International College of Hotel Management (Australia) and the Dept. of International Tourism Management.

Miss Chou from ELC shared her reflection on junior year abroad project at the conference between the president and seniors
Student_TsouI’m thankful to Tamkang Univrsity for this golden opportunity to study abroad for a year. This experience can be the turning point of many students’ life. I found that I became independent and my parents are not worried about me anymore. I learned to plan my own life, schoolwork, and trips. I did learn a lot in the past year abroad. I strengthened critical thinking, developed in myself a global vision, and improved my language ability. All of these will, I believe, truly help with my future career. During the year abroad, I realized that the schoolwork in the US is actually heavier than that in Taiwan and that I should really be serious about my own learning. With such an experience, I advise that all students going on their junior year abroad should take professional courses and be more devoted to their learning, home or abroad.