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Junior Abroad Application Process Changed

  • 2020-02-12
  • Admin Admin

Due to the 2019-nCov’s influence, the deadline of Junior Abroad Application is now postponed to 17:00, 6th March 2020.
If you are the students who are from China, HK, or Macau or are requested to have self-isolation, you may apply online. However, if you are requested to have self-isolation, you need to attach the Self-Isolation Notice on your application (either jpg file or pdf file). If you are China, HK, or Macau, you do not need it.
The required documents of applying Junior Abroad scheme are (1) application form, (2) consent from your parents, (3) transcript of English Proficiency Test, (4) screenshot of Junior Abroad Notification and Counselling System (prove you have done it), (5) copy of your passport, and (6) screenshot of e-Profolio (prove you have done it). Please email these documents to Miss HU 154020@mail.tku.edu.tw

the files of the required documents are available at