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Residential College

Faculty, staff, and students of Lanyang stay on campus. 63.2% of all faculty members, including the provost, the dean, three drillmasters, and 1 PE teacher) and 44.8% of the staff stay on campus together with student; they have close interactions regularly.

In addition to homeroom teachers, Lanyang Campus also set up a “Residential Mentor” system. For international students, Lanyang Campus has “mentors for international students”. Every student will be consulted according to their year of study, background, and living situation, etc.

Since the 102 academic year, residential mentors have participated in organizing themed activities, including Multiple Culture, Ecology and Environment, Arts and Tastes, and Leisure and Lohas to extend common core courses and to apply common core knowledge. These activities can be co-hosted by student clubs or visiting experts to integrate interdisciplinary knowledge into students’ campus life, and cultivate students’ characteristics and temperaments. Meanwhile, through themed activities, residential mentors work and interact with students so as to fulfill the following two mottos: “Participation is the key to the success of extra-curricular activities” and “caring is the key to the success of consultancy.”