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On-campus Accommodation

On-campus Accommodation
Names and capacities
  1. There are two on-campus student accommodations: Chien-hsuan First Hall for male students and Wen-yuan First Hall for female students.
  2. The rooms are located from the 2nd to the 9th floor. There are 28 rooms on each floor, and each room is based on two students sharing. In total, there are 848 places/beds.
Inside the dormitory
1. Communal area
Each floor has two common rooms, one kitchen, and sufficient numbers of toilets and showering facilities. The common rooms are equipped with televisions and seats. Students also share water fountains, refrigerators, rice cookers, microwave ovens, ovens and clothes-dehydrators in the communal kitchens. The toilets are separated from the showers.  

2.Room facilities
Each room contains two single beds, wardrobes, desks.  There is also air-conditioning operated on pre-paid card system.
Security system
The CCTV and entry control systems are connected to the central security office to ensure the safety of students in the dormitory. The 24-hour CCTVs are located at the entrances and around the dormitory area. Access is granted by cards at the entrance; however, male students cannot use their cards to enter the female dormitory and vice versa.
Hall Services
1.24-hour hot water supply
2.Post and parcel collection services
3.Online repair reporting system
4. Regular cleaning service to the communal areas
5. Wi-fi and internet services (fees apply)
6. Landlines (only take in-coming calls). The number is (03)988-8550 ext. 51+room number for Chien-shuan First Hall. The number is (03)988-8550 ext. 52+room number for Wen-yuan First Hall. 

General rules
  1. Freshmen and sophomores should live on campus and will be assigned a room. On-campus accommodation for freshmen and sophomores is guaranteed, yet students must adhere to all the dormitory rules and pay their fees on time. Third-year students have to go abroad and study in one of the sister universities. Final-year students need to apply in advance if they wish to live on campus, but spaces allocated to the final year students will be subject to availability.
  2. The list regarding room allocation will be published on the website of Lanyang
Campus one week before the semester starts. Students should check the list online and submit the “Lanyang Campus Student Dormitory Moving-in Procedures and Disclaimer”, which can be downloaded from www.lanyang.tku.edu.tw, upon moving in.
  1. Students who need to leave campus temporarily between Monday and Thursday (with the exception of Wednesday afternoons) must obtain an authorized leave permit and are expected to return before 11 pm. Freshmen and sophomores who wish to live off campus should follow necessary application procedures and submit consent forms signed by their parents. 
4.  Contact number for enquiries(03)9873088 ext. 7055, 7005
5.  Accommodation fees explained (based on the figures of Academic year 2015)
  On-campus accommodation
First semester Second semester
9,000 NTD 9,000 NTD
Deposit 500 NTD
Management fees n/a
Utility bills n/a
Air-con pre-paid cards credits
Internet and landlines 760 NTD 760 NTD
Dormitory  Committee membership  
500 NTD per academic year
  1. Please refer to the University Academic Calendar for semester start and finish dates.
  2. Non-term time accommodation is available on application and will be charged separately.
  1. On-campus rooms (and the rates stated above) are based on two people sharing a room.
  2. Visit the dormitory administrators in CL312 to top up air-con prepaid credits.
  3. Students wishing to have internet access should use the existing services provided by the university and pay the stated charges.
  4. From academic year 2014, the fees for on campus accommodation has been adjusted to 18,000 NTD per academic year.  
  5. A 500 NTD deposit needs to be paid in the first semester. This will then be returned upon checking out of the dormitory in the second semester.